Sunday, November 8, 2015

Autumn 2015

This is the lily pod seed.

I am fascinated with seeds. This time of year, they’re everywhere. Little maracas on the ends of my lily stems, long dangling pods on my cleome, and the teardrop jewels from the morning glory.

It is fascinating to see them all. It’s a song of abundance. You can hold an entire field in your hand. Mother Nature is not stingy. Not at all. 

From one seed – a thousand.

And she’s crafty too. The hickory nut is a clever arrangement of nimble hinges that lead to the treasure within.  

Zinnias, so delicate, they feel and look like tiny scraps of tissue in your hand. Cosmos can be gathered, and scattered for that matter, by simply brushing over their dried faces.….long, slender, crescent moons – how could that be a seed?  How could feathery leaves and pink and white flowers sit inside that tiny crescent moon? It must be a fairytale.

No, ….. magic.

No, ……Love.   Yeah, that must be the answer.

This is the morning glory seed.

And this, the clever milkweed.

I don’t grow impatiens from seeds, but I do love playing with the seed pods. The tiniest brush and POP! the pillow explodes, turning inside out, sending seeds everywhere. Clever strategy.  Like the milk weed – each seed comes equipped with its own fluffy white parachute. A gust of wind and off he goes, sailing who knows where.

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