Wednesday, September 21, 2016

I have the loveliest sunflower this year. Tall, big flowers, and branches like trees.

It came from a packet called “organic mix”. Inside were several seeds of different sizes and color. None of them had pictures of 8 glorious sunflowers growing like a tree.

Seeds don’t do that. They don’t say, “hey, look at me, wait till you see this.” Or maybe they do. If you listen closely.  

If you get to know them.

Maybe all that magic’s humming to you after all.
And you can hum right back.

(I watched the goldfinch walk across the topmost flower this morning, checking on the seeds. Not ready yet. And my hummingbird visits each flower in turn. She must find something irresistible inside those big happy faces.)

It’s September - Anthea and Marigold gather and sort seeds. And I have a feeling they know exactly what’s inside each one!

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