Thursday, May 7, 2015

April - May 2015

                                 Anthea & Marigold welcome the new Bloodroot

It is time for the spring flowers to show their faces.  The bloodroot with it’s broad white petals and narrow stem. They decorate the rocky ditches along side my morning walk. If you dig one up, you will see the tuberous root “bleeds” red when disturbed. It can be used as a natural dye for wool yarns. I have 4 or 5 in my grove that transplanted quite happily, and I adore them this time of year.

There is also the lovely Rue Anemone. Small, delicate white flowers perch on fragile stems. The leaves resemble a kitty’s paw!

The leaves of the bloodroot, a lily pad.

Rue Anemone

It is also time for the Spring Beauty to remind us that spring always follows winter – even very tough winters. Sweet, daisy-like white petals are decorated with the finest pinstripe of pink that you need to get up close and personal to appreciate. 

Spring Beauty

These flowers sing in the breeze…… hang in there a little longer, look what’s ahead…… That’s the message of spring……hang in there, trust in the unseen, it is more glorious than you can imagine.

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