Monday, June 16, 2014

June 2014

Marigold is always ready to help with nest building.  Here he helps the Mrs. Blue Gray Gnatcatcher.

Working together, building a nest goes quickly.  Here is the Mr. Blue Gray Gnatcatcher.....notice the darker stripe above his eye.

My little gnatcatcher visits every day. He’s fond of the coconut fibers that line my hanging baskets.

I would very much like to see the nest he is creating – I understand it’s hidden away on a single, slender branch. A marvel of grasses and fibers held in place with spider webs!

Mother Nature at it again.

Something for everyone.

What would our homes look like if we formed them with the gifts that surround us?  

Surely mine would have sprigs of clover decorating the roof. The walls, red and silver maple with a splash of sassafras. Creeping thyme would carpet my floor while lavender sweetened my pillow.  

Hickory to steady the corners – and in every branch, a bird.

The robin for my morning song, the chickadee for noon,
The peepers chirp my lullaby,

Beneath the Silver Moon.

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