Tuesday, February 26, 2008

February 2008

Marigold was too sad to pose for his picture. And, besides, his wings weren't feeling good either.

It was not an easy month. Our beloved kitty, Taffy, passed away. He was 17 ½ years old and if you had the pleasure of truly knowing him, you’d be better for it. He was the essence of Love and Wisdom and Joy, and we were blessed to have him in our family. He taught us how to forgive . . . how to play with reckless abandon . . . and how to be in the moment. I was going to write something about the resting garden this month, but Anthea and Marigold thought we should write about Love.

Really, they’re not all that different. Outside, the garden waits, trusting that the sun will come. That it will come enough to warm things up, to brighten things up . . . and when it does, the flowers come too. Truly they know that it never left them. So it is with Love.

This little picture belongs to a story I wrote after Taffy passed away. It has to do with love and saying good bye, and the beauty and unendingness of Life. Maybe I’ll have it published one day.

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