Thursday, January 24, 2008

January 2008

Where there is darkness,
There is Light.

Where the soil is black,
Sprouts appear

Where winter trees darken,
A window emerges

When hope cascades
Into a pile of rubble

There it is.

Ready, to lift you back up.

I like to think of this as “Church of Trees” or maybe “Cathedral”, as Rob likes. Doesn't it look just like a stained glass window? This little scene emerges out of my back window every evening through the woods. Thank goodness for that. And reminds me that no matter how frightening things get, or how very sad or unthinkable, where there is dark…….there is light.

When an animal or any loved one is not feeling well, Anthea and Marigold spend lots of time praying and thinking good thoughts for them. They imagine their friend light on his feet and romping through the warm, green grass. Anthea is very good at joyful thoughts, she has lots of them. Marigold sings tiny springtime songs to remind their friend what is to come. Together, they make the most wonderful bedside company. They know that no matter what happens, all is surrounded in Love.

It’s terribly hard, isn’t it, when loved ones don’t feel well. Send them a prayer and a happy thought - One that would make them smile if they thought it themselves.

Rob showed me how to do this. He learned it in 4th grade. First, paint a background in any sky colors you choose. You must let it dry. Then, wet some darker paint and paint a horizontal streak across the bottom., use plenty of water, it should be very wet. Now, take a straw and blow upwards on the paint, the most beautiful trees will appear. As the trees begin to grow, move your straw further up and you can aim in different directions and blow the most delicate little branches into them. (Rob's is on the left and reminds me a quiet winter evening, mine on the right looks like walking trees) You should give it a try.

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