Tuesday, March 25, 2008

March 2008

There is a song to Spring. The crocus know it…even the frogs sleeping below my pond can feel its tune. In my apple tree, it was the little house finch who sang it out loud.

“Take note!”
He seems to say, . . . remember to remember! His bright and cheery way always reminds me I am not alone. He sings – even with the bare branches.

Then the robin joined in with her “I’m-not-ready-to-go-to-bed-yet song. You know the one that comes when the afternoons begin to stretch out just a little longer and the sky begins to give just a little more color: Deedle-lee, deedle-lee, then a very high tweedle-lee! It reminds me of Taffy. He loved to watch them from the bedroom window of our old apartment. He knew it meant the dark times are over. It meant spring was just under cover, but only just. It meant all the believing was worth it.

I think, too, there is a song of flowers blooming on branches, like the kind my apple tree will sing. But you have to listen with more than your ears!

Anthea and Marigold love music, to them, every ounce of spring is worth celebrating. This little chorus is especially for Taffy.

It is the White-throated Sparrow, Tufted Titmouse, House Finch, and House Wren.

Happy Spring!

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