Thursday, September 26, 2013

The flash of cerulean wings in morning sun
is like a glimpse of heaven.
You never tire of it.

Cooler than sapphire,
Warmer than the summer sky.
It is a message of Joy, of Life,
And now, of moving on.

Anthea and Marigold bid farewell to the bluebirds. Five sky-blue eggs have grown into exquisite birds. We watched them hatch, witnessed busy parents feeding, and teaching the young ones to fly.

 I miss them already; time to set summer free. But isn’t that the way of things. Enjoy, let go. Enjoy, let go.

The Great Circles always work this way. 

It is true with love
It is true with the seasons

It is true with all your gifts….set them free.  Watch their flash of brilliance delight the world. Watch them circle back to bless you, again and again…

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