Friday, October 26, 2012

October 2012

I have a Gratitude Bench in the meadow and there I sit,
letting whatever wants to come, come. . .

A song sparrow making notes in the branches behind me,

the wingspan of a turkey vulture soaring overhead,

A Ruby Crowned Kinglet, swift as a fairy, comes to say hello.  He knows he is one of my favorites, and he knows where to find me.  His diminutive size says nothing about his personality.  With wings like a hummingbird, he hovers about the goldenrod, though for bugs or seeds I could not tell. 

There is no fear. 
He simply searches out what he knows he will find.

A fascinating movie he makes.  The white ring around his eye, the streak of red that makes him royalty.

He is a welcome visitor, gracing the meadow only during migration.  He has a brethren, the Golden Crowned Kinglet, which I have yet to see.  Perhaps if I wait long enough, I will create one.

The bench always fills.