Friday, July 31, 2009

July 2009

Abundance….heirloom tomatoes on the vine, blackberries glistening, raspberries melting in your mouth. It’s the meadow again. Filled with bluebirds in the nest, new wrens on wing, yarrow flashing brilliant white and everywhere you turn, abundance.

Hummingbird moths gather round the butterfly bush which itself, smells like watermelon jolly ranchers. A family of groundhogs take in clover like mini scoops of ice cream while young bunnies hop around even younger bush beans. Everywhere, abundance.

Two homes ago, I found a marsh. It was hidden from the road by giant pines and tall grasses, but I found it. I always do, call it luck, or necessity maybe, but I am drawn to the wild and free places; the pockets among the fervor. This marsh held herons, frogs, ducks, a muskrat, and the friendliest array of colorful birds from goldfinches to catbirds to red-winged black birds.

In summer, the lilypads took over, though not completely. I had never understood them before, but they grow from the pond bottom up, so if you were to tug on one, it wouldn’t come, unless you tugged really hard. Baby ducklings swam through them and one morning, a thousand little jewels stood on top. It wasn’t until I returned in the afternoon that I got the whole picture. Water lilies, like floating chalices, bloomed across the pond, soaking in the sun, laughing almost. So quiet was this place, so removed, I had all this joy to myself. Abundance.

Here’s a little picture for you, the dragonflies took turns so they wouldn’t tire out or get bored.

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