Wednesday, April 29, 2009

April 2009

Every time I say I’m going to skip my garden diary, when the month nears end, it pokes and prods at me – what? Nothing to say, have you looked outside lately?

April brings.
Birds and buds
Green grass
Blossoms on the trees

Whatever would we do without April?
Without the bringing?

April lets go . . .
The snowbirds
The winter flakes
The icy grip

Whatever would we do -
without the letting go?

Breathe in. Release.
Give. Receive.
Such is the movement of April
The poetry of Life

Anthea and Marigold spend their April days listening to the moon, singing songs of goodbye, and welcoming the new.


  1. Hey aunt Lisa, how are you? email me soon!!!!!!


  2. Hey Kelly Kel,

    I didn't know you read this stuff. I mean, really!! : )

    Love you and see you soon. Does that mean I get your bed again? ;0)

    Aunt L