Saturday, May 6, 2006

May 2006

It is precisely this time of year that I remember why I don’t use chemicals in my yard. We have the boldest little robins, speckled and tailless hopping about; their mothers and fathers arriving with beaks full of green worms and other tasty treats.

We have new wrens too! The House Wrens traded in their contemporary for a more traditional house that sits atop the arbor and, today, these littlest of wrens are leaving their home for the first time. One brave fellow has ventured from his dark wooden house; flapping his wings but going nowhere, he chatters the lovely wren song for the first time with only a few notes out of place. Soon, another curious face appears in the hole and I can almost hear the sunshine coaxing them out. She joins her brother on the arbor, sings, sits still, looks around and hops back in. I think there are four all together. They take turns hopping in and out and learning to sing. Two have trusted their wings and now sit below the holly awaiting mom and dad’s lunch basket.

When I see these babies so delighted in their new world and I see these parents working so hard to feed their young, I wouldn’t dare spoil their work. The worms that are sprayed do get put into little mouths. I have seen, more than once, a dead robin on my morning walks lying on the brightest and prettiest green lawn you ever saw.

I don’t like weeds, but I like more the vision of newborns munching happily on fresh, clean food; the sight of mamas and papas feeding their families mouthful after mouthful of garden critters. That’s hard work. It’s a gift I get to watch and so I do my part. I let them have life as it was meant to be, full of plenty, full of freedom, full of abundance. They are good teachers….. look around, what you want is just around the corner…Keep moving! Nature knows what we need. Trust. She will deliver. It’s all right here.

Happy everything to you.

PS. Carolina Wren has nested in an old flower pot in the garage. When she left her nest for a moment, we held our breath, got on our tippy toes and carefully snuck a peek: two of the tiniest, wettest little babies leaning on their yet un-hatched siblings. AWWWWWW! I would try to paint it for you but I hadn’t a long enough look!

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