Thursday, June 1, 2006

June 2006

It is June 1st and I am doing my diary early. I have to. The wrens are out! We went to run an errand and found five peeping, tailless, fluttery spoonfuls of baby Carolina Wrens dotting all sorts of things in our garage. I wish my eyes were cameras because they landed on my antique rake, my ancient shovels (which my husband tells me I have to stop buying) and on my neat little bushel baskets. Each event would make the most delightful painting. Yet, honestly, I’d never get them all done anyway.

But they’re out and it’s time to celebrate. I believe we have five fledglings despite the six eggs I saw in the nest. I showed you the eggs in last months article. If I can, I shall take a good look and paint a picture of these babies because you really should see them. The wrens are among my favorite birds, but then again, if I’ve got them in eyesight, they all become my favorites.

Perhaps I’ll find them in my rose garden next; it really is fabulous this year. The mama and papa are scurrying along recklessly trying to feed their wormy morsels accordingly, but the little ones don’t want to sit still. I imagine that’s just what it’s like when you’ve got yourself a new pair of wings!

(…the baby didn’t really sit next to the rose, I made that part up, but I couldn’t resist keeping this yellow beauty to myself.)

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