Saturday, January 30, 2010

January 2010

Have you ever held a kitty so close
and then had to let go?


Does a Tree wish her leaves
back in her arms?

Or a Breeze take back her breath?

No, I think they chance it.

Maybe leaves get heavy, or air stale.

Or maybe they have a job to do . . .

Leaves crinkle and color the ground,

Breezes sway and lift birds in the air,

Raindrops cleanse, Snowflakes sparkle,

A smile soothes,

A word heals,

A thought carries - like the sound of a bird
Waiting to be picked up.

The January landscape is barren, but not empty. Everywhere there is promise, promise, promise. That letting go is the answer to receiving. The sleeping groundhog who laid his head down in Autumn is promised a warm spring, the buds that decorate the limbs of trees are the promise of leaves gone by, of leaves let go. The birds sing, (can you imagine if they didn’t!), they sing for all they’re worth and so, Spring comes.

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