Tuesday, February 24, 2009

February 2009

So much is happening yet you can’t see a thing. I did notice three narrow sprigs of green coming up in my Super Spectacular Spring Extravaganza planting. That’s what I named it; I tend to be optimistic.

It’s the time of year I get anxious to see more. In my old home I knew where everything slept beneath the ground. Here, everything’s new. I am still learning trees and wild flowers and doing my best to remember where I planted bulbs. Truly, I need not even care. Spring will show me soon enough. When the sun is right, when the breeze holds the right messages, when the ground is ready to let go…….that’s when I’ll see them. It is a game of trust. Anticipation. Dreaming. Expecting.

Life is no different than the spring garden really; sometimes not much to see, but just there, just below your line of sight, is everything. Dream it out. Call it out. Trust it out. And when it comes, dance for joy – then turn around and do it again!

Marigold had never grown hearts before and was a little afraid at first. But then Anthea reminded him how they grow everything….

1. “Dream it!” she said and so they closed their eyes and thought up a big
picture of happy, pink hearts.

2. “Remember to expect it,” she told him and every morning Marigold imagined little
pink sprouts.

3. “Water it and talk nice to it,” she explained, “ because everything likes to be loved.”
With that, Marigold fluttered into her arms and gave her a big, pink hug.

4. “Be patient,” she reminded, “we mustn’t get frustrated on cloudy days.”

5. “Most of all,” she said hugging him with an even brighter pink inside, “Be grateful!

These were mostly fun things to do, and in its very perfect timing, here it is.

Note: there was also jumping for joy between all the steps, which I believe sped things along. I think it a good thing to remember.

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