Monday, November 24, 2008

November 2008

November . . . brisk, brazen, things are getting brown and tan. Birds are filling up at feeders. My meadow is lying down, leaning over, creating little nooks and hideouts for the small ones. November is tucking in, covering up, getting cozy for the winter ahead.

Our little groundhog is fast asleep in hibernation. He rests under a large rock in the fairy grove surrounded by dogwoods and silvery Russian olives. He has an “in” and an “out” side of the rock. From time to time we see fresh dirt kicked up in some remodeling.

Now that the cold has arrived, Anthea and Marigold see to it that their new friend is safe and warm. It’s his first hibernation so Mari tucks in with him, just for an hour or so, to make sure it gets off to a good start.

That’s what November is, a time for giving thank-yous.
Thank you for a luscious summer, for abundant berries and pumpkins, for seeds that will give it all again. Thank you Kinglets and Warblers for stopping by and singing on your travels south. Thank you Meadow for nurturing countless honeybees and now curving into frosty, wintery homes. Thank you trees for an effortless and extravagant color show. Thank you winter birds for coming
and staying to keep the garden joyful.

Thank you Mother Nature for giving and giving and giving.
That’s the song of November.

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  1. I just love this painting Lisa and the beautiful writing that goes with it! Your artwork as always is always wonderful and beautiful and your writing always leaves me wanting more!
    Love ya!