Monday, September 29, 2008

September 2008

Mist and fog and drizzle. A beautiful September afternoon. Everything is soaking up the quiet, restful drops. Summer has done her job. The zinnias are winding down now that the hummingbirds have moved on. Goldenrod is shaded behind a curtain of mist. It’s restful.

It’s the changing of guards, the passing of the torch. The gentle walking out of a door, and down the hall; the new door isn’t there just yet, but it will open when you arrive.

You can’t get there without September.

Anthea & Marigold settle down and enjoy the misty fog and drizzle. The quiet of letting summer be on her way . . . and the gentle anticipation of what’s to come. Oh, the beauty of the seasons. Have a soft September day.


  1. Your art work is beautiful! Thankyou for sharing...I am glad to have found your blog1

  2. Hi Lynda,
    Thank you for looking!
    Glad it brought a smile :0}
    Love the little stuffed animals on your site!