Saturday, September 16, 2006

September 2006

There is something about cool air traveling through the trees that excites me. There is movement everywhere. The trees are changing, not in color yet, but they are ready. And around my pond the birds are coming! -the ones that travel through and visit only a week or two, or maybe just a day, before heading out to warmer pastures. A Ruby-Crowned-Kinglet jumps among the rose stems that overhang the water. His tiny wings cause ripples on the surface when he dashes overhead. Never have you seen such a springy little fellow, and through my binoculars he flashes his ruby feathers just long enough to make me smile. Last fall the Golden-Crowned-Kinglet and I watched the setting sun among wild crabapples and blossoming bittersweet. This year there is a new development where the horse used to wander and the hedge, with its ancient crabapples and twists of orange berries, has been taken down.

I am glad to have a pond and an apple tree of my own and a place for the birds. It’s the least I can do. And so, here is a picture of my little Kinglets for you - perhaps they’ll be in your backyard next! Sometimes, if you’re lucky like me, the Golden-Crowned-Kinglet will come close enough for you to see his crown and hear his tiny wisps. But that takes wild places and cool breezes and patience.

Best of luck, because if you do, you’ll have a friend forever.

There are two Kinglets, the Golden-Crowned and the Ruby-Crowned, both are very small birds, but the Golden-Crowned is even smaller than the Ruby! Marigold accidentally called the female Kinglet “Queenlet” and he gave a very pretty bow, no one said anything but Anthea told him later they’re both called Kinglets!

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