Wednesday, July 18, 2007

July 2007

My backyard is like an envelope of trees, a horseshoe of black in the evening.

The fireflies have come.

Sparks of light, one answering the other’s call. Surrounded by a curtain of black, I feel as though I’m in a magician’s pocket full of magic and tricks and the unexplained. I can almost hear the faint sound of chimes as surely, somewhere, someone is celebrating this work of art. My cat leans against my crossed legs and he’s content that I’m actually paying attention rather than wondering how I might finish a painting or get my haircut. I am completely enthralled, grateful, and he loves it.

The Universe is always calling. Perhaps there is no way it does not call – that would mean we all get to be right. To me it calls through nature; through fireflies, purrs, a falling leaf. And when I’m smart enough to pay attention, I get to remember that all is well.

Here's a tiny little 4th of July story for you . . .

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