Sunday, December 24, 2006

December 2006

The sounds and the hum started well before we walked in the doors. It began through the cemetery beneath the quiet stars.

Hearts were swelling. Inside, people gathered in their Christmas best; girls in plaid skirts, boys in pressed collars. The bells began their song. Hearts were growing.

A brave young woman steps to the front to sing “Oh Holy Night” for all of us. She stumbles through the first chorus and we will her through it. A young man played saxophone while nimble fingers followed along on piano. Hearts were uniting.

Amid all of this were messages of love; for everyone. Hearts were remembering.

Outside this small church made of stone, there was a horse who knew the meaning of love. He wandered free taking in companionship as it came and missing his mother. There are bluebirds outside this church who display themselves on the ancient tree I still don’t know the name of. And inside, stars. Tonight, the trees hold stars in their hands. We all do.

An old woman sat in the pew ahead of me. Beneath her dress, she wore black flat boots in place of heels. She was gray, leaning a bit, but her foot swayed - with each note of the bell choir, the sax and the piano. Hearts were stirring. She was my favorite, though I sat next to a little star myself. We lit each other’s candle during Silent Night. I sang, sometimes I watched and I believed it could be like this; always. I am seeing it, so it is possible. I think of the animals and the earth on a night like this. I know the earth feels it. I hope the animals do, the ones who need to be remembered. I remember for them and ask for their peace. Just as I ask for my own.

Wondering as I wander.

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